• To build a safe and comfortable campus for teaching, research, and living;
  • To safeguard people and property on campus;
  • To provide comprehensive and quality staff housing management services and provide assistance and support to residents;
  • To provide safe and cost effective transportation means satisfying the commuting needs of the University community;
  • To provide professional opinion on work or enquiry related to security, transport, staff housing, furniture and moving services.

Scope of Services

  • Campus Security
  • Furniture and Moving Services
  • Staff Housing and Management
  • Transport and Parking Management
PP ServiceService Quality Indicator
UM visitor parking reservation Reply within 1 working day
UM vehicle reservationReply 2 working days before the usage date
(For car reservation form for official purpose raised 3 working days or earlier before the usage date)
Staff Quarters visitor housing applicationReply within 3 working days
Emergency & incident handlingArrive and handle within 5 minutes
Handling of lift & escalator malfunctionArrive and handle within 5 minutes
Instant request of classroom usage /Unlocking door applicationArrive the room within 7 minutes
Lost & Found servicesHandle within 5 minutes
D-line access supportRespond within 15 minutes
Staff parking monthly pass applicationIssue within 2 working days