UM is providing round-the-clock on-campus security service to UM community for protecting the safety of staff, students, visitors, as well as the UM assets. The security team is comprised of in-house and contracted-out staff. Security guards respond to all emergency situations and inquiries on campus. Related services are as follows.

Scope of Services

  • Staff and students should bring along the UM Campus Cards.
  • Dormitory residents should bring along the room key cards.

For matters relating to access control (for example, granting/cancelling door access rights), please send email to or call us at +853 8822 4126 for information.

In general, operating the unmanned aircraft (UAV) on campus must get the approval from the Campus Management and Development Office (CMDO) through submitting application to Security and Facilities Services Section. The below information should be provided at least 3 working days prior to the flying activity for further process.

Required Information

  1. Written permission from the relevant government authorities, e.g. Macau Civil Aviation Authority (if applicable);
  2. The expected flight date and time;
  3. The purpose of flying the UAV;
  4. Detailed flight plan: such as the departure and landing venue, flight path, height of flight operation;
  5. Model of UAV;
  6. The name and mobile number of the operator or unit.


Please contact us through email, or call us at +853 8822 4126 for application.

UM is providing round-the-clock CCTV surveillance service in UM public area for security concern.

Aims and Objectives

  • To safeguard UM’s assets/properties and other legitimate interests;
  • To protect employees’ and students’ safety and other legitimate interests;
  • To appraise employees and students’ behaviour;
  • To facilitate academic and research activities;
  • To ensure food safety;
  • To collect data regarding activities held on campus.

Please observe

According to the above, any unit or personnel is not allowed to view or retrieve the past record unless official approval from relevant authorities has been granted. If units wish to apply for viewing and/or transfer of CCTV records, please complete the following forms and submit to SFS for further process.

Application Forms

If you have any questions related to CCTV surveillance, please contact Security and Facilities Services Section at +853 8822 4126 or e-mail to

Emergency Hotline: 8822 4000

Please contact the Security Team immediately for any emergency situation on campus.


  • activate the fire alarm by breaking the nearest break glass alarm point.
  • evacuate immediately and call the emergency hotline to report the case.

Lift Entrapment

  • use the alarm calling system to notify the Security Team or call the emergency hotline stated in the lift for assistance.
  • do not try to get out of the lift on your own.

Sickness or Injury

  • call the emergency hotline for assistance.
  • for urgent situations, call ambulance for help (Tel: 2851 2222/999) and call the emergency hotline to inform the Security Team so as to guide the ambulance to the location and to render first aid services to the sick or injured person.
  • If medical assistance is required, please contact the Medical Center of the University of Macau in office hour.

          Medical Center of the University of Macau
        Location: Room G002, N8 UM Sports Complex
        Tel: 8822 4123

During non-office hours, please contact the Security Centre at 8822 4126.


  • Please mind your personal belongings. If any person suspects a theft or is a theft victim, call the emergency hotline to report the case immediately.

Handling of Found Articles

Approach Security Centre (Room G003c, E7 Central Teaching Building) with the found articles.

Reclaiming of Lost Articles

Check the following website to see if the lost articles have been turned in to the Security Centre:

For reclaiming the lost articles, the claimant should approach Security Centre with UM Campus Card or Personal ID.

Service Hours: Mondays to Fridays 9:00-13:00, 14:00-22:00

Please do not keep found articles as your own possession. This can be considered as a criminal case according to the local law.

Please contact Security and Facilities Services Section (SFS) through email:, or call us at +853 8822 4126 for information.