* This service not including Staff Quarters furniture.

To request standard furniture for new staff, please note that the lead time for ordering wooden furniture is 3 months, while ordering steel furniture is around 2 months. SFS keeps limited inventory for steel furniture as stock.

To apply for non-standard furniture, you may refer to the LIST OF IDLED OR USED FURNITURE for stock availability. For more details, please contact us at 8822 8657.

To proceed with the furniture application, kindly fill in the Office Furniture / Equipment Requisition Form (SFS-I/400/2023-V1) and submit to us for further handling.

Moving service request is restricted to UM assets which owned by University Faculties, Residential Colleges and Units only. SFS will not accept any requests from non-campus institutions. In order to provide a better service and reschedule our back-end jobs, moving requests should be made at least two working days in advance. Ad-hoc requests will not be confirmed and processed as per applicant’s arrangement. Meanwhile, lorry is necessary for moving heavy and bulky items to different buildings. Please click here and submit lorry request for further arrangement. For dissembling, assembling or dismantling bulky items, such as boards, wooden executive office desks, L-shape office desks, partitions and etc., please submit requests through CMMS in advance.

Other daily routine tasks include:

  • To proceed with barrels of distilled water inspection, procurement and distribution;
  • To coordinate with laundry company for the settlement of graduation gowns;
  • To set up and resume venues for large scale campus events (Ceremony for the Conferment of Honorary and Higher Degrees, Congregation, Inauguration, UM Open Day, Mid-Term Examination, Final Examination and other events with similar nature and scale);
  • To provide moving service and disposal of damaged assets which are requested by Accounts Section;
  • To proceed classroom furniture routine checking.

SFS will handle other moving requests but limited to:

  • Campus Office Relocation;
  • Regular Campus Service (such as transport stationery for Procurement Section; distribute answer books for Registry and provide office furniture delivery service for applicants);
  • Relocation of furniture and non-precise facilities (after on-site assessment, Moving Team will determine if the request can / cannot be handled / handling way) and moving for miscellaneous items (in the case of supplier or service provider’s responsibility, please ask them for further arrangement);
  • Disposal of documents;
  • Return of idled furniture.

For any further details of moving service, please e-mail us at sfs_moving_service@um.edu.mo or reach us at 8822 8657.

To submit a moving service request, please login to Moving Service Application.

To learn more about the user guide of Moving Service Application System, please refer to User Guide of “Moving Service Request” System.