To fulfil the transportation needs of all UM units for official purposes, the Security and Facilities Services Section is providing transportation services to UM staff and guests through the UM Fleet. The UM Fleet is equipped with the following vehicle type and operated by both in-house and outsourced drivers respectively.

  • 5 seater car
  • 7 seater car
  • 18 seater rehabilitation bus
  • 25 seater mini bus
  • Lorry

1. Use of UM fleet vehicles and drivers must be for official purposes only.

2. Transportation service will be provided to staff and guests on the following basis:

  • To attend official meetings in the name of the University
  • To make official overseas trips in the name of the University
  • To receive University’s visitors
  • Special requests approved by the Head of Security and Facilities Services Section

3. All requests must be raised through the UM Car Reservation System at least one working day in advance. For access right to the system, please send request to Car reservation can be made up to 7 days in advance.

4. All transportation requests must bear the approval of Deans, Top Management, such as College Masters, Unit Heads or Delegates.

5. Deans, Masters of Colleges and Units Heads have the priority to use transportation service over other colleagues.

6. Under normal circumstances, provision of services is on first-come-first-served basis and is subject to availability of vehicles and drivers.

7. All requests must go through Security and Facilities Services Section and requests for services made directly with drivers will not be accommodated.

8. Drivers will deliver transportation service to users according to the date, time and destinations shown on the UM Car Request Form. When waiting time exceeds 20 minutes, Security and Facilities Services Section reserves the right to cancel the car reservation and arrange another transportation task to the driver.

9. It is highly encouraged to avoid requesting for UM transportation service outside office hours.

10. For transportation service requests that fall outside office hours, advanced reservation must be made during office hours and is subject to the approval of Head of Security and Facilities Services Section or Delegate.

11. For cases when transportation service cannot be arranged due to full bookings of vehicles and drivers, requesters may arrange own means of transportation. Please note that reimbursement of such transportation fee is subject to the approval and availability of fund of the concerned unit.

Please contact Security and Facilities Services Section (SFS) through email: , or call us at +853 8822 8652 for information.